2014 was a year of great change for me, a year of endings. For fifteen years I lived between the river and the road and loved it as my personal idea of Paradise. Last winter I began to realize that I could not live there alone much longer. That was a shock, as I had hoped to live there for the rest of my life. I could not imagine where else I could live that would feel as much like home, and where I could still be inspired to paint. In May I had to put both my faithful old dogs to sleep and I missed them dreadfully.
In June, my cousin came to help me search for a new home, and we found it. It is in town, but with a country feeling, another house on the river. My studio, though smaller, would still have a view of the river. I would have neighbors for the first time in forty-five years, and I would have city water, city sewer, natural gas heating, and the roads would be plowed and sanded in winter. Of course I bought the house.
With no animals to worry about, I had two wonderful trips. The first in August was to visit relatives and friends in Calgary. In September I enjoyed an Artist Retreat with a favourite teacher and other wonderful painters in Naramata. But returning home I knew I would give up further travel to have a dog again. So I found that Molly the mini schnauzer was waiting just for me, and brought her home. She was one year old in December, and I hope we will have many years together.
So 2015 is a new beginning in a new house, with a new studio, still untested. Has my muse moved with me? Will I still be able to paint? There is a new group show in May, so I must begin tomorrow to paint my memories of Haida Gwaii.